Air Conditioning Installation, Modification, Repair & Maintenance

AC Repair and Maintenance is probably the highest expense item for all Fleet Managers.We design, modify, repair and maintain Air Conditioning & Refrigeration units to work in harsh UAE weather conditions.Armored vehicles have no windows to roll down.In case of failures,the crew can be in a lot of discomfort.Hence,we innovate ways and engineer redundancies over the standard fitment.We also manage Luxury vehicles for hotels and individuals customers.Our team is experienced on the latest cooling system architectures and can dissemble complete dashboard to access the repair areas.If you notice,a drop in AC performance, inspect the vehicle soon.  The issue may be a small leak and could be easily resolved.Besides being a cooling agent,the AC Gas also lubricates the AC compressor.Hence,driving with less gas is like driving your car with less oil.The shavings of the failed compressor often block the condenser resulting in much expensive repair.

Installation of New Air Conditioning Units

AC Gas Regassing / Recharging.

AC Compressor Replacement.

AC Blower Motor Repair / Replacement.

AC Hose Pipe Repair / Replacement.

Complete Dashboard Disassembly for AC Repair

Modification of Existing Units

AC Diagnosis and Leak Test.

AC Condenser Replacement.

AC Blower Vent Repair.

AC Expansion Valve / Accumulator Replacement.

Computer Diagnostics and Programming

AC System Service.

Heater System Inspection.

AC Cooling Coil Replacement.

AC Blower Air Flow Diverter Repair.

AC Control Module Replacement