Brakes Repair & Maintenance

Stopping Power Is More Important Than Horsepower Are you experiencing squeaking noise or vibrations while braking? Does the vehicle pull to a side while braking?Does the brake pedal pulsate, judder, presses further down or feel soft?Do you have the famous Brake Service Indicator on your dashboard?All symptoms requires attention to the braking system. We provide full service and repair of the braking systems.  We recommend only genuine parts for this critical area.If the vehicle is modified and the braking requirements have changed.  Alternative parts such as Ceramic Pads, Dual Calipers, Enhanced Rotors can be arranged.

Brake Pad / Brake Shoe Replacement

Periodic Brake Fluid Replacement & Top-Up

Brake Hose Replacement

Straight Line Braking Adjustments

Brake Disc / Rotor / Drum Replacement

Brake Disc Skimming

Parking Brake Adjust / Replacement

ABS / ESP Diagnosis & Repair

Brake System Electrical Diagnostics and Testing

Brake System Flushing

Electronic Park Brake Diagnosis & Repair

Intelligent Brake Assist / Radar Brake Assist / Collision Avoidance System