Engine & Mechanical Works

We have good experience with diagnosis and repair of Engine related issues.With the latest diagnostics equipment,we can communicate with the vehicle and understand the issues.We also resolve issues related to misfiring engines,fuel systems, engine overheating,engine starting and excessive fuel/smog test failure.Where Engine Repair is not feasible, we also consider used engines. We have a good network of Used Spare Vendors that provide warrantied parts.This reduces the cost and repair time significantly.

Engine Repair, Overhaul and Rebuild.

Drive Belts and Belt Tensioner Replacement.

Head Gasket Replacement

Spark Plug Replacement.

Vibration (Idle, In Gear, While Driving or Braking) Diagnosis

Timing Chain / Belt Replacement.

Water Pump Replacement.

Fuel System Repair.

Starter Motor Repair / Replacement.

Alternator Repair / Replacement.

Tappet Cover Gasket Replacement.

Radiator Repair / Replacement.

Injector Testing and Service.

Replace Mountings (Engine, Gear, Suspension etc.)

Computer Diagnostics and Programming