Fleet Maintenance Services

Fleet Management requires a commitment between the drivers, workshop and the fleet owners.A commitment to ensure the fleet reliability, longevity at lowest possible cost.8 Years back,we positioned ourselves as a Fleet Maintenance Company.With this focus, we restructured our processes to provide the much needed individual attention to each vehicle within the fleet.We developed our own ERP software to record,monitor and provide useful insights. Over the years,we have innovated and mastered the art of vehicle maintenance that benefits our clientele.  We have 10 to 14 year old commercial vehicles with almost a Million Miles on them.These vehicles have never faced any major issues related to Engine or Drive train.The maintenance cost is slightly higher than new vehicles but that is due to the body work and suspension requirements.However, that still makes them highly profitable.We recommend you connect with our corporate services team for a short meet.The team can help structure your requirements, goals and how we could help you achieve them.

Dedicated Fleet Adviser

15W40 CI Grade, Diesel Engine Oil.

15 / 45 / 60 / 100 Kms Service for European Vehicles

Proven Cost Saving Techniques

Quick Turnarounds

Streamlined Processes

Premium Petrol / Diesel Oils for 10 to 15,000 KMs Service Life

5 / 10 / 40 / 80 / 100 Kms Services for Japanese Vehicles

Custom Service Schedules

MIS reports

Inventory of Periodic Service & Critical Spares

Ability to serve all Accounting & Documentation requirements.

0W-20,10W40, 5W30 SN Grade, Petrol Engine Oils

10 / 30 / 60 / 90 Kms Service for Korean Vehicles

Auditable Records

Detailed Service History

Assurance to Schedule Compliance