Steering Works

A patch of oil on your drive way could be the power steering oil.If the oil loss is considerable, you would hear a winning noise when you start your car.You must not drive the car in such condition.Running power steering pump dry would permanently damaged it.The power steering systems usually fails due to hose or a seal failure.A hose and outer seals failure are usually quicker fix.  However, a seal failure inside the power steering rack could take some time. To save your cost and time, we repair power steering pipes where possible and steering racks are also professionally repaired and tested.Many vehicles have Steering Angle Sensor that informs the various modules of the vehicle’s direction.  A failure of this part will light up the ABS light and affect the driving.In recent times, we have electric power assisted steering mechanism. There does allow one less oil to worry about.However, the spares are currently expensive.Do connect with us for any issues you may face with the Steering systems.  

Power Steering Rack Repair

Power Steering Oil Flushing

Power Steering Electric Motor Replacement

Power Steering Hose Replacement.

Seal Kits for Power Steering Racks

Power Steering Pump Replacement

Steering Rack Boot Replacement

Computer Diagnostics and Programming

High Pressure Hose Repair

Steering Angle Sensor Replacement

Power Steering Pump Repair/Replacement.