Suspension Works

From Leaf Springs to Air Suspension, we have the varied experience in Suspension Diagnosis & Repair.We actively maintain armored vehicles that need custom heavy duty suspension.On the other hand, we have European fleets with cars such as Mercedes,BMW and Range Rovers that commonly use Air suspensions. Air Suspension issues are easily spotted as your on board computer would display an error.The ride may stiffen or completely looses height.Mechanical Suspensions need a better hear on humps, inspection of unusual tire wear and a good look underneath.We can deliver cost effective repairs especially for Air Suspension. We can repair Air bags of defective struts, replace air compressors and related work areas at competitive prices. 

Computer Diagnostics of Air Suspension System

Air Leak Detection and Repair

Replace Shock Absorber Springs

Repair Air Strut / Shock Absorber

Electrical Diagnostics of Air Suspension Systems

Adding Suspension Leaf

Air Compressor Replacement

Replace Shock Absorber / Struts

Bending / Toning Suspension Leaf