Transmission & Drivetrain Repairs

In recent times, Transmissions, Differential and Transfer Case Repairs are unusual.Mechanical problems usually arise due to poor maintenance or failure of internal electronics.Should you notice a delay in shifting from P to D/R, jerky gear shifting and worse would be slower acceleration, you need to stop driving and seek assistance.Driving further could cause extensive damage to these systems.We are capable of performing diagnostics and repairs / replacement of Automatic and Manual Gear Boxes.We can also arrange used Gear / Transfer Case / Differentials when the repair is not viable.

Replace Clutch for Manual Gear Vehicles

Differential Oil Replacements

Transfer Case / 4×4 Oil Replacement

Complete Replacement of Transmission / Differential / Transfer Case with New / Used Spares

Rebuild Complete Manual Transmissions

CV Joint Replacement

CVT / Dual Clutch Transmission Oil Replacement

Computer Diagnosis & Programming of Transmission Module

Transmission Oil and Filter Replacements

Propeller Shaft Replacement

Repair Transmission / Differential / Transfer Case