The key to keeping your car in the best condition is through proper maintenance. Proper maintenance can go a long way to assure the safety of you and your co-passengers as well. Below are few means to aid keep your car functioning seamlessly.

Factor-in including the below-mentioned tips to your car maintenance checklist: 

Tire Maintenance and Inspection

Being aware of the way to maintain the tire pressure can aid minimise wear on the tire and helps make certain that you are getting great gas mileage. Tire pressure checking involves determining the recommended pressure, checking the pounds per square inch and adjusting appropriately. In order to prevent blowout, there are various preventative measures you can take, such as rotating your tires on a regular basis and avoiding car overloads. 

Change the Oil

Changing and checking the car’s oil regularly is important to maintain its engine in a running state. As mentioned in your vehicle’s manual 

check the car’s oil and change it on a regular basis. Oil changing can be done on your own, or by taking your car to a car service center in Dubai. Whether you decide to do the change on your own, then first understand the required steps to drain the fluid and discarding old oil. 

You also need to be aware of what sort of motor oil is good for your vehicle, no matter if you do the oil change on your own or take it to the service centre. This typically implies factoring in things such as the viscosity of oil, mileage of your vehicle and whether to choose non-synthetic/synthetic oil.

Fluids Need to be Checked

In order for your car to run properly, different fluids need to be maintained at the appropriate levels. It’s important to check the following fluids, such as Engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. 

Your car’s performance may be affected if there’s a leak in one of these fluids. Whether you detect a leak, then you can determine the fluid by its colour. This information can assist you and your mechanic in determining the source of the leak. It can aid to speed up the repair as well. 


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